• Hi, I'm Arez

    Experience designer and researcher fascinated by the innovative design space.

    Currently based in Boston designing a transformational customer experience for CVS Health.

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Design Approach

As a true advocate of the user, I enjoy discovering unique insights and finding creative solutions to problems and challenges that lead to market leading products and services.

Through a user-centered design approach, identifying the challenges and pain points of the user become clear. I convey this vital information with my team and stakeholders to ensure alignment on the objectives and goals.

  • Identifying the User

    My design process naturally begins with identifying the target user and their relationship with our brand. Without a clear understanding of who the users are, the design process can be misleading and not suited to solve the issues our users may face.

    Once our target user is identified, we look for the challenges and pain points they face while interacting with the product and document it for the next phase of our research and design journey. It's important that the insight and research is conducted while remaining aligned with the brand identity and core mission.

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  • User research
  • Researching the User

    After identifying that the project is in line with the core mission of the brand, we begin conducting our research with target audience.

    User research methods include:

    • 1 on 1 interviews
    • User/Focus groups
    • Surveys
    • Empathy mapping &
    • Usability Testing

    Through these research results we can uncover problems, discover opportunities to improve on the design, and learn about the user's behaviors and preferences. This information will additionally help us begin building out our qualitative and quantitative data sets.

  • Building the Design

    In this stage of the design process, we begin to build out the product. One of the key steps is building out the wireframes, which is like a prototype with the bare essentials to represent the product, the information it presents, it's structure and overall direction and description of the user interface.

    Other research methods include:

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  • Analyzing the Product

    The last phase in the design process is to reanalyze everything once the product is launched. Questions to answer include:

    • Where did we go right in the process, and why?

    • What struggles did we encounter, and why?

    • What are the users response to the product?

    • Did we create a product that solves our users pain points and challenges?

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio

In our fast-paced world of innovation, it's urgent we innovate rapidly to keep up with demand and to stay ahead of the competition.

Due to NDA disclosures, I'm limited on the amount of work I can share, but would be happy to discuss my experiences and results in detail.

You can view more work from my portfolio on Behance or upon request. I am also happy to schedule a call and share my screen to review my full portfolio of work.

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